Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After much to-ing and fro-ing about what to do about my eating I have decided i am going to return to the gyms program. Its basically what I am eating now except they will want me increasing my fruit and dairy in my afteroon snack. I really need that accountability of the weekly weigh ins as well as the measurements. I called the gym this morning and found out wednesdays 6.15pm are available (and the good thing with this is...i am going to be attending the gym another day so whilst i am in there mite as well do another workout), i am calling back during my lunch break to speak to the membership gal and just organise it...enough fart assing around just time to get stuck into everything.

By the time i went to bed last nite my legs were aching ! My upper thighs and hips felt quite sore...and even tho they arent sore today even sitting here my thighs feel tired so they must have got one hell of a work out. My neck is quite good again...slight headache but nothing like it has quite convinced sleeping on my stomach was worsening the that i am making sure i am sleeping on my side or back it seems much better when i wake. Yesterday I only had one pain killer all day and considering i had 3 pain killers on monday thats awesome. Hopefully i will start to slowly get all these chemicals out of my system.

Gawd this morning i went to the bus stop...had poured with rain earlier but the seat looked dry altho i could see some new grafitti on it. Sat down...then the bus came n i arrived at work. Looked at my hand...oh chit theres green paint on my hands (same colour as the new grafitti!) oh chit please not be on my i raced to the toilets...and YEP lovely amounts of green on my it mostly came out relatively easy with just water...but dayam LOL if i am not ripping my pants so my ass is hanging out im running around with green chit on my ass LOL

okies thats enuff of the kazz dramas for one day lol...have a good day all xox

PS tania can you send me a email? I reformatted and lost your email addy which is why i havent replied to your last one.

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