Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OMG such a good workout !

I just had to write about how good tonites workout was. We did boxing..and fiona mainly had me doing leg stuff. She had me doing this combo...was 5 knee kicks with my left leg, 5 with with my right leg, 5 high kicks with my left leg then 5 with my right leg...then 10 pairs of upper cuts and 5 squats...then next round it was 10 of each followed by 8 upper cuts and 4 squats...and this went on till i was doing 25 left knee kicks...25 right knee kicks...25 left high kicks then 25 on my right leg...omg i was dying ! I was puffing and panting like the stray dog down the road...i told her at this point she is mean! LOL anyway at the end she told me my fitness level has improved in bounds...and that i dont have a low level of fitness anymore...she then said she has never had any client do that many before and i am now the bench mark ! So was a good good session....then she gave me a massage she said my neck and shoulders are really tight...but it was a good session...and i feel so focused and back on track it isnt funny....have a good nite xox

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