Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look no hands....

yup on the treadmill no hands last nite wooo hooo...man its a lil bit harder on your butt cheeks when you don't hold on eh? So i did like a speed of 3.8 and a gradient of 7.5 for just over 30 minutes and burnt over 300 calories. Then Fiona came and got me and we discussed my neck and headaches (LOL she asked me if my headaches were from hot chips LOL - she knows i get migraines from MSG LOL) after explaining noooooooo we did strength training but she modified some of the exercises or i did lower weights...so i prolly didnt get as much as normal out of it but its still a workout and as i explained to her my concern is if i just take a couple of weeks of the gym its getting back into a routine. Today I have woken and my head feels quite good...i think when i am making sure that i am sleeping on my back and not my stomach the pain seems better the next day. So will text fiona over the next hour or so to let her know ill be in tonight.

Everything else is going good...on track yesterday which was good...so far today ive taken no pain killers and i'd prefer to avoid them if possible.

Spoke briefly to robyn last nite and she said "we have to organise that get together soon" lol...so seems she wants to catch up so mite have suggest a nite out soon.

Okies off to do some work xox

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Shrinking Tardie said...

Bravo Kazz - next you'll be running!