Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yay its thursday which means its nearly friday ;) Tonight I have PT with fiona...I am guessing she will do more leg work. My neck is really improving tho. Just one pain killer each of the last 2 days. My head feels perfectly fine so far today...i have been really dutiful in heat packing it every night (should i say after i have done that and its still warm with these cold nites i have used it like a hot water bottle LOL...i so need a hot water bottle) I wont do much cardio before i see fiona tonite...prolly only 10 minutes or so as she has got me in earlier then normal and i will have time to then scoot off and get the grocery shopping done so i dont have to do it friday nite.

I was downstairs at work in my break earlier talking to some friends (ok 3 gay bois LOL) anyway one michael who is my old team leader was saying look at how much weight karyn has lost...and my friend jason who has been away from work for 6 months was like omg i know look at her face its tiny ! LOL i so had to laugh. Then tony who has seen me eat tim tams lately was like...your not falling off the wagon are you? (As i was standing there eating a low fat scone LOL) im like no being good still...saw the dietician last nite. Anyways so then jason says to me you need to get a wii fit...and i was like when on earth would i have time for that? I leave for work at 7am currently...from work i go straight to the gym...workout for a hour...go home shower, eat & cook dinner and then crawl into bed and watch tv for 30 minutes or so. This week i havent even thought about downloading Jillians radio show or US biggest loser ! Not that i am complaining mind you i am very happy with where things are at at the moment. And this is partly what i was explaining to eve last nite that previously i saw visits to the gym as a "chore" something i really had to talk myself into doing. I would often think...gawd i dont wanna gym it tonite i wanna go home and relax and not "lose" my i look forward to the gym...its like my home away from home (really wonder sometimes if i should just set up a bed there) but when i get home from the gym and have had dinner etc im not thinking chit i hate the gym and hate that i have limited relaxation time. Quite the opposite...i am thinking how happy i am with where life is at the already looking forward to my next session with fiona. The antidepressents have helped me so much...its not quite 2 weeks and i feel like i am back to where i was 8 weeks ago as in my head space. Taking those tablets and taking them regulary has just had such a flip to my thinking process. I know a lot of people think you shouldnt take meds for depression and i know my mum is a bit suss on me taking them but there is no getting away how much better and focussed i am on my life when im taking them. And its always a super nice feeling when you just feel happy and content. The other thing that was interesting talking to eve (whose my dietician) last nite...was i forgot how nice it is to just talk to someone...who can give feedback who has non personal experience on the different issues. I have always believed negativity breeds negativity...and so when i have gone thru issues (like the recent lack of self confidence issue) there were others off the ww forum going thru something similar...and without being rude to anyone...whilst i did offer support to those people it was something i was conscious off that i didnt want to get too "chatty" about it with them cos it prolly for ALL of us would have made the issue worse and not actually gain anything...and thats prolly why it was my discussions with fiona that head more impact then anything. The good thing with eve is she has always wanted to talk a lot about my head space and where i am at with my thinking so its just another advantage to seeing her again.

This weekend i am planning on LOTS of organisation occuring ! Last weekend with my neck being so sore and the weekend before being at the hotel...very limited stuff has been done around the house and it is starting to resemble a brothel lol so i need to do lots of organising...LOTS of washing...i wanna clear out the kitchen cupboards and go thru my spices as well as lots of them i have had since the day i moved in which is nearly 18 months ago so im pretty sure some need to be thrown out. Also of course i FINALLY plan to sit down and watch the US finale of biggest loser & Jillians radio show for last week...i also wanna relax a bit and get stuck into my book i bought a couple of weeks ago.

Okies ive really rambled LOL off to do some work enjoy all xox

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