Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday May 20

While fiona was stretching me last nite we had a interesting conversation and i will preface this by saying until about 10-11 weeks ago i use to get dizzy in every session, in the end i didnt even need to tell fiona she could see it in my face...anyway here was the conversation...

Fiona : are you okay?
Me : Yes i am alright
Fiona : Your always alright lately I kinda miss the days where you had your dizzy spells and had to sit down thruout the sessions
Me : I don't
Fiona : So much has changed since then for you
Me : yeh it has and its not even really that long ago

Its one of those conversations where regardless of what the scales say or even your clothes say you realise your BODY is telling you that you are winning. Add to that fiona said last nite you don't get red in the face as quick as you use to from exertion its all good :)

The other day my friend joe (gay boi) says to need new bras love LOL im like what? hes like they are too big for you now. Anyway so this morning i am getting dressed now on gym days i "double bra" i wear a normal bra with a sports bra over the top (yes i know i am a strange creature) so anyway put on the normal bra and gawd damn joe is right theres a bit of room in the cups...the sports bra is only a 20D (my normal one is a 22DD) and when i put it on over the top i noticed it now fits me perfectly so i am thinking joe is right and its time to go down a bra size. Now i am pretty sure in my house i have a D cup bra SOMEWHERE just gotta find it LOL

So tonite i see eve...YAY will be so good to get weighed and measured and get that accountability back. I wont do a work out cos once i have seen her i wanna stop at the local grocery store and pick up some groceries so busy nite tonite (just for something different lol)

Boxing went well last nite...altho she was very mean as per usual ;) cardio wise she is really killing me in those sessions there is no doubt she is getting my heart rate up where it needs to be.

Everything else is good...thank gawd its wednesday and hump day...i am so ready for a sleep in this weekend

AND OMG !!!! i nearly forgot ! US biggest loser is on channel 10 starting this week after rove ! I saw the commercial last nite and tried to figure out which season...i know its not season thinking it was series 4...but yay yay yay a weekly dose of jill ;)


Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

Isn't it great how far you have come in your exercise though? Wow feeling dizzy for each session and now you don't get that is fantastic which means you are so much fitter.

I was the same way with my bra size when DH said to me that he could see wrinkles in my bar and I thought ??? and when I looked it was because I went from a 24DD to what I am wearing now a 18C and I just didn't change my bra because I didn't for one minute think that I would change there nope nope nope but I did.

jo said...

There's nothing weird about double-bra-ing. I've done it, too. That's a great victory!

Congrats on improving your fitness so much--has to feel great!