Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday 19th May

Did weights last nite. We have decided now one week i will do weights - boxing - weights and the following week boxing - weights - boxing. Which means i am pretty sure this thursday will be the final session of this current weights program. Last nite i went the lowest i have been on the TRX was bloody hard but i did it so thats the main thing :)

Did talk to fiona about what i should do on wednesday nites and saturdays. She doesnt wanna give me firm directions cos she thinks its more important i just enjoy it. The only real criteria she sat down was cardio and minimum of 30 minutes. She also wants me constantly challenging myself with it so whether its speed or gradient levels and as she said once i get the heart rate monitor that will be easier to keep a eye on. She has also sent me some links to check for the heart rate monitors. Altho i am pretty sure i will get the FT40. She doesnt want me getting the basic one as she said in a gym environment its too easy to pick up other peoples heart rate. But the FT40 seems to work and that one not only looks nice but would cost after discount around $280.00.

Today i have training for about 5 hours of the day YAY dealing with difficult customers lol. Then tonite boxing. And tomorrow nite see the dietician which i am so glad about. As i have simply been keeping a food diary this week i really havent been great with my food (saying just keep a food diary is like a green light for me) So will be very glad that tomorrow nite ill get weighed and measured and me and eve will work out a food plan for the week ! YAY and start really focusing

I walked in to work today and my boss was like those jeans are getting really baggy...i was like I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ! LOL the funny thing is a few weeks ago i bought a pair of long black leggings for the gym...tried them on at the time....fitted but i thought my thighs look too huge in them. Anyway yesterday morning couldnt be bothered shaving my legs so i thought bugger it i'll wear them (didnt retry them on tho) so they have a really thin barely there waist band which is really strange for me...anyway they are a lil loose for me now...that combined with the lil waist band i was quite convinced the darn things were gonna fall down LOL thankfully they didnt.

Okies well off to do a hour or so off work before this training...have a good day all xox


Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

What a fab boss to comment like that. Wish my boss would mind you she is a woman and they don't tend to say anything (well this one anyway) he he. Have a great day

Tania said...

Who is this girl??? :-) You are doing so well Kazz, i've been really slack at reading blogs so just caught up on all your news - wondering if i'm going to recognise you when we catch up in June!