Monday, May 18, 2009

Start of a new week

Well its a new week ! Chit these weekends fly by way to fast. As per usual PT with fiona tonite...not sure what we are doing will be boxing or the strength program. Spent quite a bit of time yesterday researching polar HRM's. I narrowed it down to 3 models : F7, FT40 & FT60. I think tho I will go for the FT40 one, which the RRP is $349 so with fionas discount i should get for about $280 which works for me. It has everything I want plus its nice looking but I will prolly run it past fiona anyway to see if she thinks thats the model to go for.

I was busy doing lots of housework yesterday, amazingly the kitchen is now all organised and not one bloody dirty dish in the sink i am impressed LOL. The worst was trying to get all my bloody clothes dry. But i had enough dry to get thru today so thats the main thing. We will worry about tomorrow at about 9pm tonite LOL.

My neck/head are heaps better. I havent taken pain killers since thursday. I do feel it slightly at times but nothing major at all. So it healed a lot quicker then the doc said (he said 4-6 weeks) and i hurt it 2 weeks ago last saturday. So the plan is to tell fiona to do the normal program and see how it goes.

Not much else to report...have a good day all

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