Sunday, May 17, 2009

Housework break...

Well i am on a "house work break" hehe so decided to update. Lots been happening here. and first thing is i got a new puter ! OMG so happy with it. My last one was a laptop too but was 18.4 inches weighed a ton and travelling with it was just rediculous. This one is 15.4 inches and when i go to my sisters in July it is the perfect size that i can travel with it. Plus as i am always moving it around the house it is great having one that is so light. It has everything my last one had except not a high definition screen (i only really watched downloaded tv series on it so thats not important) and a extra gig of ram and a larger hard drive so more then happy. So most of yesterday was spent getting it and setting it up.

Today is the big housework day...i really think im blonde sometimes for the 18 months ive lived here i have bitched about the fact that my clothes airer takes up room in my living im like ummmm why dont i put it in the spare room???? lmfaoooooooooo i cant believe how dense i its up there now heater on drying the towels...and i have all my jeans washing at the moment.

Have been doing some thinking...and i think i am gonna talk to fiona about getting something more concrete to do on wednesday nites and saturday. Currently on saturdays i do whatever but i dont really have a game plan...and i think it would prolly be more advantageous if i really work it out so saturdays has a definite plan...and the same on wednesday nites...i will do a workout after seeing i will talk to fiona and see what she thinks i should do those two days to work in with everything else i am doing.

I watched the US finale of biggest loser this morning and guess who was on it???? BOB AND TIFFANY ! They were in the audience and spoke a lil and they showed there before pics. And jill was saying last week on her radio show...the finale is held tuesday nite and her and bob start series 8 on thursday ! so prolly another 2-3 months and i will have another series to watch lol i will have to make do with jillians radio show between now and then.

And omg i am realising today its 7 weeks till i go to streaky again ! WOW thats coming up fast...i'd really like to be 125 kilos by then so fingers crossed and time to work this butt to ensure i get there. It will be nice taking that bus trip at a smaller size...hopefully i will be about 20 kilos or so smaller by then.

I had such a traumatic time trying to change light bulbs earlier LOL...i had 4 to change...2 i did globe i broke and is half stuck in the socket :( and one i couldnt get the cover back on hahahahhah i swear i am hopeless with this kinda a disgrace to the lesbian lifestyle LOL...okies back to the house work...have a fab arvo all...xox

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