Friday, May 15, 2009


Trained last nite. We did boxing with some resistance thrown in it (like pushups on my knees against a step and lunges and squats) she puffed my lil butt out but cos she was throwing resistance in it not as much as tuesday night. Then as we were taking off the gloves etc fiona says "heart rate monitor" i was like mmmm i had been thinking about getting one and eve mentioned it last nite too (anyone getting the idea that i am destined to buy one? LOL) anyway fiona said id like you to have one so it can beep if we get your heart rate too high. So i told her when i get my bonus mid june i will get one, so between now and then i need to research them (anyone got one that would recommend? I need one that alerts when the heart rate gets too high, and my understanding with the calories burnt is you can get ones that break up how many calories are burning energy (food you just ate) and how much is burning fat stores (so body fat) - nat i think you have one?) Anyway as fiona is a personal trainer she gets 20% off them so she will get it for me once i decide which one.

We were also talking about what gadget boi said to me yesterday (refer previous post) and she was saying while for me its seemed quite gradual...especially for someone who doesnt see me often the changes are quite drastic which is why i get such comments. As i explained i am starting to realise i am not seen so much anymore as the "fat lazy girl" which is a interesting concept in itself, altho in MY mind i still often see myself as 171 kilos...i still expect i am going to break chairs etc...not that i am worrying or obsessing about it...just aware.

The other good thing was when getting ready for the gym last nite i wore a pair of workout pants i hadnt worn for a few weeks and i was a lil stunned by how loose they felt YAY.

And of course its FRIDAYYYYYYYYY yay im so looking forward to this weekend. Not cos i am doing anything exciting (in fact have no social plans) but cos i get to relax and do very little lol. I have quite a bit of stuff to get done around the house and i wanna get the kitchen more organised. But i plan on some time playing online, doing some reading, watching & listening to some jillian *perks* and reading my book as well as my womens health magazine. So it all sounds good to me. And i must admit i am rather looking forward to going home after work tonite and doing not a hell of a lot LOL mite have to venture into the pink sofa and catch up with the gurlies.

Okies time to do some work...4.30pm hurry up LOL .... enjoy all xox

Oh and what i nearly forgot ! Fiona had me jumping last nite ! I was doing where u have one foot in front and one foot behind and then jump and swap the feet position scissor jumps or something she called them and when i did them she got all excited cos she was like you told me you would never do them LOL i think she felt incredibly clever that she got me to do them LOL we also did some jumps where on the side i do these big steps going from one side of the room to the other jumping while i did it LOL she was very impressed (and all i could think was thank gawd i double bra-d today ! LOL

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