Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday May 21

I am a lil over work at the moment. I am not doing my normal job for the past few weeks and till the end of next week i have been working in our customer relations group. Which is fine the problem is every customer is grumpy and bitchy and its wearing thin. I will be so glad when the end of next week comes and this stint comes to a end.

Went to the gym last nite and saw eve. Was very interesting. She weighed and measured me and was no real surprises there. Then she also checked my body fat levels. Now last year when i was doing the slim program i was only working out once a week (lazy ass i was) and my body fat over 3-4 months only dropped .8% since then it has dropped 5.5% wooo hooo so previously it was over 55% its now down to 49.5% so was very very happy with that and as eve pointed out obviously the exercise is working.

Then we worked out a plan for this week for exercise and food. So food wise she wants me to change a few tim tams :( a piece of fruit with breakfast, lunch and morning tea. Also some cucumber sticks and humus with my sandwich at lunch. A yoghurt and nuts as well for my mid morning snack (altho i forgot them both today argh after i sat there measuring out the nuts last nite lol) and as i have been eating tim tams in my afternoon break and do like the slim shakes a chocolate slim shake for my afternoon snack. Exercise she wants me exercising 30 minutes minimum every day so the plan we decided on is :

Thursday : PT weights and 30 minutes cardio
Friday : 30 minutes of Jillians DVD
Saturday: 40 minutes cardio at gym
Sunday : 30 minute walk
Monday : PT boxing and 30 minutes cardio
Tuesday : PT weights and 30 minutes cardio
Wednesday : 30 minutes cardio.

Then with those food changes plus the exercise she will see what results i get on the scales next week and see if we need to modify things from there.

Turns out i am house sitting next week for about 11 days. My mums hubby his brother in law is quite sick and while they were planning a holiday to queensland some time in june or july they have now bought it forward as not sure if he will make it (kerry FYI if you havent spoken to mum is big les) he has dementia so quite sad...but anyway i can sleep for quite a few days in peace no listening to the snoring next door LOL i will still pop home once or twice to check mail etc. But a change is as good as a holiday but i am sure i will be more then ready to go home after 10-11 days.

So busy this weekend...i wanna get the living room sorted out and dusted and chit...then i need to pack and make sure i pack properly so i have everything i need while at mums (thank god i can take my lap top this time !) and also some grocery shopping on sunday to ensure she has everything i need in the house.

Tomorrow is my "work anniversary" been with the company 8 years...only another 2 years and i can get my dayam long service leave...bring it on lol xox

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