Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday May 22

Well TOM arrived today 29 days after last cycle started my god thats like what someone who doesnt have PCOS should expect and i dont think EVER in my life has that happened. Normally i also have cramps for the 2 weeks leading up to it...i had the odd cramp yesterday that was it and no mood im amazed :)

Did PT last nite and it was weights and the last session for the current program. At one point we were doing the boxing moves with dumbbells and when i started doing these i was using 3 kilo dumbbells anyway fiona hands them to me and im thinking chit these weigh a ton so i look on the end where the weight limit is and they say 7 kilos apparantly i glared at fiona when i saw that LOL she was like that look was practically a swear word LOL But anyway im glad this program is over i was never fan of that damn TRX plus i had the neck injury (that said it doesnt mean the TRX wont feature in the next program lol)

Completely on track yesterday...only thing i didnt do was eat the yoghurt and thats cos i forgot to bring it to work but have bought it in today as well as my nuts/seeds so all is good LOL

I am so desperate for a sleep in and so glad tomorrow is a day off. I am gonna go into the gym but as its open till 2pm i am going to sleep in then gym it. Quick flix sent me new dvds yesterday...L word series 4 (the first 4 eps) and acropolis now series 2 (the first 6 eps i think) so i will be sitting down and definitely having some downtime with them this weekend.

DAMN just realised i missed medium last nite :(

Well not much else to say have a good friday all xox

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Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

Well done for being on track. I think on this journey that is the hardest thing.