Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday May 25

Well been a few days eh? Friday nite i ended up with a very swollen finger, was so swollen kept waking me up and i could actually feel the blood pumping thru it. I tend to occassionally get thise infections on my nails which cause after using the cream on it over the weekend its much better. Its still a lil swollen but not sore at all. Over the weekend i was incredibly lazy and spent most of it watching dvds...3 episodes of L word, 5 acropolis now episodes, my best friends wedding, and father of the bride 1 & 2. Was really nice and relaxing.

Foodwise i was spot on, went out for dinner last nite to the pub...never a good option...but i ordered a hamburger with NO CHIPS was very impressed with me.

Then we went and picked up all my stuff and over to mums since i am there for the next 10 nites. Walked into their house they had had their heater on while out at dinner...there house was like a oven ! OMG its the first nite in ages i have slept with my legs uncovered cos i was so bloody hot. Their taxi to the airport left at 4.45am...i said to mum...dont wake wat does she do? When the taxi turns out she yells out "iannnnn" then says "bye karyn" lmfaooooooooooooo so i was very sleepy this morning ... always hard the first nite or two sleeping somewhere else.

I have decided i am going to give the treadmill a bit of a break. My planter fastisis in my right foot has got worse over the last week or back to the bike. Tonight I have PT just for something new lol...and its boxing tonite so looking forward to that.

OK not much else to say...only another few days till i weigh in again which should be interesting...have a good day all xox

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