Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday May 26

I didnt work today. Woke up during the night coughing and really wasnt feeling so good when i woke and due to my history with bronchitis decided to err on the side of caution. Went to the docs who checked the lump on my back i mentioned a few weeks ago...he agreed its just a fat deposit...makes me wonder how many other fatty deposits i am going to find as i keep losing weight. He then checked me over told me i am congested...gave me some antibiotics in case it doesnt clear in the next day or two...i think tho with a early nite and keeping warm today i should be okay tomorrow. So i skipped the gym rang up bright and early at 6.20am this morning and cancelled it and fiona texted me this arvo to check i was okay (what a good trainer!) Last nites boxing session was full on as always and tomorrow nite is weigh in nite....fingers crossed (on my mums scales i sneaked under 130 kilos this morning but have no idea how that will relate to the gyms scales so we will wait and see)

Jaimee (the blonde in the big pic on my page) messaged me today to ask me to go wedding dress shopping with her ! Yes she is engaged...so thats another nice goal to aim for to be able to wear a nice dress to her wedding in april next year. And wedding dress shopping sounds good...as i told her not like i am about to do that for myself LOL...she is also >this< close to joined my gym hehe told her they are giving away adidas shoes if you join at the moment would love if she joined would be great to have a workout buddy even if we could only manage it once or twice a week.

And its now only 5 weeks till i go to streaky so have been starting to think about that. Even wondering if maybe i should fly,,,,but they are lil planes...and i'd be worried about fitting in their darn seats...mite have to email my sister and get details for the airline that flies there. Okies off i go...time to make some spaghetti bolognaise

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~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Last night I got nailed with some major back spasms. Still a hurtin unit today too! Feel better soon!