Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sooooooooo happy

I am one happy girl today ! Yesterday i laid in bed heat packing my neck and head all day. This morning I woke and its about 90% better. I feel so happy...i have a very slight headache on the top of my head...but at the back of my head (which was the worst pain) and above my eye the pain is a million times better. And i am convinced the fact my body is stronger then it was a year ago is whats helped me to recover. The fact my doctor said it would take 4-6 weeks and i have improved so much in 9 days is really amazing. And now im like so excited to get back into everything ! Yep i ate crappy the last few days...and over the next few days i will continue to heat pack my neck and let these pain killers leave my body. I am so looking forward to getting back to that gym and training with fiona. The antidepressents have started to take effect...i know i can do this...hell everytime i think about fionas response and how stunned she was about the trx last week I know i can do this - im excited again about all of this...this whole journey.

Friday nite max messaged me....asked me if i would go on a blind date. And then preceeded to tell me about this chick she wanted me to meet....LOL...i am SO not the blind date type of person plus i dont trust maxs taste LOL so told her no. Then last nite...i hear my downstairs to grab it and theres a message from robyn "hey you never on msn anymore anyway was thinkin i still owe you a nite out sometime so if you wanna let me know" Now i wasnt aware she owed me a nite out being the dork i am i replied back saying...okies sounds good yeh we should organise a get which she replied "lemme know when and i will be there" now i dunno cos i really am dense at this chit...maybe shes hinting at something or maybe its just as friends...time will tell i guess. Then i went into pink sofa chat which i havent been in there in MONTHS my friend Dayne was there...telling me theres a golden dance in a couple of weeks so will prolly go to that...then i said to her oh i have uploaded a new pic (the pic of me in my size 20 top) so dayne had a look and she was like OMG kazz so amazing LOL so that all felt pretty good.

Of course it is mothers day today...if mum is going out for dinner tonite ill tag along will go out and get some flowers shortly...but as per usual she isnt answering my messages ! Damn annoying woman she is sometimes.

OKies i am gonna go watch some more friends DVDs...and then do a lil dance cos my necks soooooooooooooooooo much better....enjoy ur day all ! xox

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Martine said...

Kazz, I am a really good friend of Tania's. I really get alot out of your blog. I have just gone back on my anti-depressants and hoping to feel better soon as well. I am inspired by your enthusiasm for the gym and it inspires me. Martine