Saturday, May 09, 2009

Right at this very moment my head and neck feel pretty dandy. I have been resting it today (ie lying in bed watching dvds lol) i dunno if its really better or its just the wunderful pain killers and heating pad taking effect but its nice having no headache right at this precise moment. The problem with painkillers is they make you drowsy and when drowsy your resolve isnt as strong as usual. And i am suffering from this after 4 days of these not only do i want my neck better but i want these pain killers out of my system...its ridiculous...and i am so over it all and so over not feeling like myself it isnt funny. The one good thing is my self doubt has gone YAY for me. I have still been ummming and ahhhhing about what to do about my eating. I have come to the conclusion i NEED weigh ins...if you havent noticed i have not regularly updated my weight lately and thats merely cos i have no accountability. I am very tempted to sign up for the gyms plan and do their plan while counting points. Theres no getting away from the accountability with their plan...weekly measurements...weekly body fat measurements and monthly body size measurements...that my friends is the most complete picture of any weight loss program i know. I have been looking thru their plan today....and i have been wondering if of late ive been undereating (i was discussing this with kerry at work yesterday that im always around 250 calories under the number of calories jillian suggests and about 450 calories under what calorie king suggests) The gyms plan has a lil more dairy in the afternoon snack then what i eat...and considering my low iron thats not exactly a bad thing...and really thats the main difference between how i am eating now and if i was following their plan. And of course i keep thinking the gym will think im a nutcase for wanting to try their plan again lol. Weight watcher meetings are out of the question its just not possible for me to get to a meeting with all my PT sessions. I did ask on the ww forum about the myer centre ww visits...but someone commented that their is a lack of privacy and well i dont exactly want the world to know my weight. But bottom line i keep coming back to "the gym will give me the overall view"

Regardless of how my neck is on monday im going back to the gym...but ill be a lil careful...for warmups ill only use the neck always feels better when im out walking so that will be fine. When i did boxing last week with fiona i felt good i'd felt all day so in reality i dont think its aggrevating it...and the strength training...i will be careful with that but to be honest i did everything last week and at no point did i think "ow" maybe i just have to suck it up for a few weeks and deal with being drowsy until my neck and head heals properly.

Well off to lay down some more...enjoy all

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