Friday, May 08, 2009

I am still having issues with my neck/head. I have had a headache pretty constantly since last saturday in 2 just above my right eye and the other is the back of my head just above my neck on the right side. It was a lil better this morning i THINK but not sure if it was really any better or just me and my wishful thinking. I have 47 minutes left of work and then over 2 days dedicated to helping my neck get better. I am not gonna be online much this weekend the doc said typing doesnt help as it does use the muscles i i am planning on sleeping, reading, watching dvds, hot packing my head and taking the tablets and hopefully with luck on monday it will be better otherwise i am really worried i may have to skip the gym for at least a week and that scares the beejuzus out of me...not only would i prolly lose a lot of fitness it would break my routine...i am at a point where i look forward to the gym and dont have to go thru the whole "will i or wont i" attend. Plus there is a level of motivation i get from attending the gym. If its no better by mid next week i will look at getting some physio for it...but i'd prefer to avoid physio.

I am also so tired which i am guessing is cos of all the meds in my system, the pain killers have a drowsy affect and now two days later its impacting me.

I am also still thinking about my eating. I think i do need more accountability. It comes down to two options...either attend one on one sessions in the myer centre, which costs $21.95 per week. Or i can attend the gym...which i think is about $32 per fortnight. The bonus with the gym is it does more of a overall picture (ie does body fat, measurements and weight) of course i could do my measurements but i live alone and so not so easy to do them accurately. So i need to decide on this. Specially as the doc did say my neck could take 4-6 weeks to heal and so my diet may suddenly become more important. Whether ww or the gyms plan i pretty much eat the same thing (i basically follow the gyms plan now and align it with points/calories) So anyway thats where i am at...cross your fingers my neck and head start feeling better soon im gonna be a real disappointed princess if i have to cancel next weeks gym sessions !

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