Monday, May 04, 2009


Well im starting to feel a lil bit of "me" coming back. Not because of the meds but simply cos i think i took some control back and im not obsessing about chit. Really the hotel visit couldnt have come at a better time...i had close to 24 hours in a different environment where i didnt obsess on chit...instead i watched Law & Order and read my book...and just kept thinking what a lucky gal i am. And ive been making it a point to not "delve" in deep to my thoughts too much. And must say last nite i felt a bit like the old me (which is a huge relief) and with that stress going...guess what those dayam scales said when i jumped on em this arvo???? 130.8 kilos...put a big damn smile on my face...and so im now convinced stress for me anyway does impact the scales.

My neck is starting to get better altho i still have the headaches. Went to the docs today and he told me i can actually use difflam antiflamatories as theres no ibuprofen in it...(thank gawd) so ive been taking that and the panadeine....and i can feel it starting to feel better.

My sleep is still pretty disruptive but i am sure once the meds kick in that will settle down. I am even starting to feel confident on the treadmill.

Okies just wanted to post something short to let all know im good and not fallen off the wagon lol (its nice not feeling the need to post several times per day in the manic way i was last week)

Enjoy all

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Shrinking Tardie said...

Hey Kazz,

Good to hear you're doing better. My PT has told me that the cortisol that stress produces actually inhibits weight loss. I know it seems to be the case with me!

Congrats on the 130.8 - I remember how cool that number was :-)