Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A smiley face day

Well a good day was had by kazz ! Apart from my neck drama...the neck itself is not too bad...just feels tired but my head still hurts a lot. Ive been using a heat pack on it...using diflam (which i dont think helps at all) and using panadeine extra strength (which made me very sleepy at work lol) If its no better tomorrow i will go back to the doctors after work i think 5 days with a headache is long enough.

Went to the gym...did 25 minutes on the treadmill gradient of 7.5 and speed of 3.7 and i only held on with one hand ! super impressed ! Then fiona came over and got me...we did the LAT pull down....and we did 35 kilos....and then fiona goes...rate that 1 to 10 on how hard it was....i go deathly quiet....shes like stop thinking about the best answer to make this easy LOL ... so im like uhhhh 14? lol then i was like nah 6-7 i guess...so i then did 40 kilos...rather impressive...then after killing me with squats and lunges shes like....okay TRX time...then she goes....we really need theme music for as you walk up to it LOL...so anyway i was determined to do it...last week i fart assed around so much even before i started saying i cant get into position blah blah blah...anyway i didnt say much...just grabbed the thing and did it...didnt stop once...was hard but was completely doable...then i finish and fiona is like...okay what has changed? LOL She was like how did u just flip the switch and do that? So i told her....im just not worrying about everything...im not thinking about what i can do....more about what i HAVE to do...she was like...it was just like you knew you gotta do it and just did it....and then she drew a lil smiley face on my program chart LOL Anyway she was really happy with how i went...and i was wrapped. Yanno this morning i stepped on those scales...and i was 130.6 kilos...so i knew i was back on track....but more then anything after tonight...i know my HEAD is back on track...and its not just me fiona saw that too so rawr yay

Anyway enuff for tonite...enjoy your wednesday all !


Shrinking Tardie said...

Way to go Kazz - I knew you could beat that TRX thing!


Shrinking Tardie said...
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