Sunday, May 03, 2009

A lovely weekend

Well I am home ! I have had a wonderful, relaxing time. Lets back track...saturday morning first thing i went to the docs...after a shake of his head he wrote me a script...he wants me on the meds for 6 months then i will go back and they will look at a program of taking me off them slowly. Once i got that script in my hand...i felt better...part of me knew something had gone on for my attitude and self belief to change all of a sudden (and i am sure fiona thought the same thing) and i am even amazed at myself over the last few weeks i didnt put 2 and 2 together. And while friday nite wasnt glad it happened so i clicked and did a bit of a homer simpson "Doh". Anyway i then went to the gym...and did 40 minutes on the treadmill ! OMG i was i was on a gradient of 7 and speed of 4.2 and i actually burnt 485 calories which i thought was pretty damn impressive. I then went on the ive never managed more then 2 over 2 minutes and was thinking go me and i think i can last to 5 minutes when suddenly i got a very strange sensation up the right side of my i stopped....and i still have a ache today from it. I have been taking panadeine extra strength since it happened (i cant take anti flammatories as i dont react good to ibuprofen) its not a sharp pain at all more like a dull kinda tired ache. Shortly i am gonna go have a short and deep heat it and see how it goes. Hopefully tomorrow its better as I have PT but im sure fiona you work around it. Then i went and did a lil shopping...bought some black leggings (which make my fat thighs look gross :() And then i took my sisters suggestion of splurging on a book...wandered around borders (local book store here) for quite a while...lots of books i wanted lol i could spend a fortune there ! But i found one of my fave authors (karin slaughter) has 3 new books out so i bought one of them. Then FINALLY it was time to go to the hotel...can we say GORGEOUS...the staff were all lovely (especially when i struggled finding my room lol) i got to my room (see photo below) it was a king deluxe room...just gorgeous all fitted out lovely...a big widescreen HD tv...comfy beds with HUGE pillows...i was all happy....a hour later i was thinking damn i dont wanna go out tonite and leave this room LOL so i didnt ! Well actually Jaimee rolled her ankle while on a run yesterday (great twosome we are eh?) and so she was staying home to ice it and rest it. Anyway so i room-serviced dinner. And the best news was they had a low calorie menu which they gave u all the nutritional values for. So i ordered a mediterranean chicken salad which was 199 calories. And was delish it was truly so yummy...i also discoverred (oh-oh) a tim tam in the mini bar LOL i rang mum and was like that tim tam wont last the nite ! LOL lucky for me i know they are 97 my salad, tim tam and a banana for dinner lol. This morning i had breakfast in bed which was just cornflakes (they didnt have weetbix) with skim milk.

The only real problem was the neighbours i had which i didnt hear at all except at 2am when the guy from what i heard locked the girl out of the room LOL so at that point i just ended up putting foxtel on ;)

I must say i walked out of that hotel feeling relaxed...enjoying the sunshine.

I did take some photos of me is when i first got there yesterday so looking not so fab in my gym gear...the other is before i left the hotel this morning in my SIZE TWENTY top...i like the photos (im not looking all glam so dont expect that) but i guess a lil disappointed as theres not much difference from the photos in march. My face looks a lil slimmer but i think thats cos my hair is pulled back...but still im getting there bit by bit. I hope everyone has a fab sunday.

May 3 - In my size 20 top =]

May 2 - After the gym

Late March 2009

December 30 2008

The Beginning

My hotel room


Natalie said...

You look awesome Kazz - what a huge change to your body from your beginning shot to now! The work you are putting in at the gym is definitely showing in the way your shape is changing. Good for you!
I enjoy reading your posts and hearing how you overcome your struggles - you inspire me. I've even joined a gym! No PT yet, but a body step class, a body balance class and 2 x gym workouts of weights and cardio. Here goes.....

Natalie said...

wooooooooooow you look great!! :) congrats on all of your hard work! :)

Kathiej said...

I can see a change in your two recent photos
you are smaller round the hip and top thigh area....Well done

Tania said...

You're being too hard on yourself - I can see a difference, hope I still recognise you when we next catch up!

Glad to hear you had a good night in the hotel room and also very pleased to hear you're back on your meds.