Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday May 29

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING WORKOUT ! Last nite went to the gym (how unique for me eh? lol) Anyway so i did 30 minutes on the bike at level 4 think monday i will up that level to 5 then fiona came and got me for our workout and to do the new program. Two good things happened...firstly she had a step about half a metre high and while holding weights i had to step up on it then drop one foot back then lift it back on the step and do it 12 anyway i did it and fiona is like hows your heart rate? i was like okay...she was very impressed said its running out of breath is what normally gets people with this exercise and just shows how much my fitness improves. Then she had me sit in front of the weight cable machine on a fitball doing chest press. Now she was like you are going to wobble so i will stand in front of you and if you fall off i will grab the weights. So i get on the the chest press...still no wobbling HAHA! So shes like ok we need to make this more she puts this mat (kinda like a sofa cushion) under my feet and says this will make you more i sit down do it again and STILL dont wobble ! lmfaooooooooooooo the word out of fionas mouth was "amazing"...she was then saying to remember in the beginning when you hated the fitball? So to say she was impressed is the understatement of the year...yay yay yay. I then also discussed about the wii with her and she thinks it would be good to incorporate in my life as a additional way of being more active (she actually thinks i should join a sporting group or something but thats another story lol) so thats it the decision has been made i am getting the wii so another two weeks and i will get it. I then went looking at games for it (hehe) my sister also told me about one called my personal trainer which looked rather good and there is also some dance ones that teach you dance moves etc. Fiona was saying even just doing the sports game if you really put effort in i will be getting a workout anyway (she said she played the tennis one so much it hurt to raise her arm when she first got it lol)

She was then telling me how the staff at the gym are working on a display... apparantly (and i did not know this before hand) a lot of the personal trainers have lost a lot of weight. Fiona said some of the journeys are really interesting. And she was saying she herself had lost 28 kilos. So apparantly they are all digging up there old photos so that should be interesting and gives u a different perspective cos i always imagined that fiona had ALWAYS been fit and toned and super healthy.

My sister texted me this morning with a photo of my niece on her FIRST day of school...amazing...can remember when she was just learning to sit up. But she has been busting to go to school for so long so i can imagine she is very excited sister said she wanted to sleep with her backpack last nite hahahah.

I still have a touch of a sore throat...but throat lozenges seem to be keeping it at bay. This weekend i wont be doing heaps. I think sunday arvo may be at the wheaty. Tomorrow i plan on watching dvds and at some point taking the mutts for a walk. Not much else going on...tonite i will hopefully get off my ass and do 30 minutes of Jillians DVD

Have a good friday all xox


jo said...

Wow, all your hard work really showed today! Great job on your fitness!

Anonymous said...

You are incredible!!!! ANd sooooo deserve a Wii fit - they are so much fun!!!