Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday May 30

What a fab start to the day ! Hugeeeeeeeeee sleep in...pure luxury....i had the most bizarre dream last nite...there was some chick i liked (just for something new haha) anyway i was with my friends and she was wearing this tight red satin dress and was teaching me some dance...then...i was telling robyn and dayne i need to go meet her...and i had to go to the train station to catch a train to central station (which is in sydney for gawds sake !) then i got to the train station and all the elevators and escalators went down only so i couldnt figure out how to get to the station hahah...bizarre im a weirdo what can i say.

Anyway yesterday at work I got a email from the head of the head of the head of the head honchos of the company i work for haha anyway some staff got selected to attend this strategy "thing" on april 12 at the national wine centre (*wink wink) at hickinbotham hall (i think its at the botanical gardens) anyways so i clicked on the invite and it says "dress: casual business attire" eek! I wear jeans and sneakers to work and i dont think they would see that as appropriate hahha so this morning i walked up to target with the goal of looking for some dress pants and even more so crossing my fingers i can find some to fit over my fat ass lol so anyway i picked up some....real nice ones...thick matterial so they hang real elastic waist i currently wear size 26 jeans altho they are very loose so i picked up size 24 but not convinced i would fit into size 24 i also picked up size 26 well ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa size 24 fitted ! They are firm fitting (altho not tight) but they fit and they look nice ! And i got the ones i wanted not the ones i had to have cos they were the only ones that fitted :) My first size 24 pants weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so very very excited ! And even better they were reduced from $49.99 to $24.99 so even bigger bonus. I then also bought the twilight book...i dunno if i will get into it cos not sure its my type of book but everyone is raving about it so thought i would give it a try.

I am about to get off here and relax with some dvds...i got my new ones from quickflix and i got two more acropolis now dvds YAY so hope u all have a fab saturday...i know i will..

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