Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday May 28

Well was i counting down the days till i go back to my normal job just yesterday? They went and bloody extended my time doing this job lol so i am now here till the end of next week. Which i have now had to madly text fiona as i had changed my PT to during the day on monday so hopefully i can still get in for a evening time on monday.

Last nite went and weighed in and lost 1.2 kilos :) Cos i am weighing at nite and in clothes and on different scales i was 134.5 last week and 133.3 this week so its all moving and thats the main thing. Turns out i was down on calories a lil...when it said one fruit serve i thought one mandarin lol turns out 2 mandarins is one fruit serve so was down a bit, but we think i was eating too many nuts. So no nuts this week an extra fruit (im gonna start looking like a piece of fruit LOL) and i get desert one nite during the week.

Woke up this morning still feeling a lil off colour. Actually felt like i was gonna throw up and my nose is running...but since arriving at work that all seems to have settled down.

We get our bonus 2 weeks today yayyyyyyyyyyyy heart rate monitor here i come ! Plus i am thinking about getting a wii. I am going to ask what fionas thoughts are. Basically eve wants me exercising every day. Now 4 days per week i am at the gym, i usually walk one day per week (i dont walk every day due to my heel) and last week the other 2 days i did exercise dvds. So i am going to ask fiona her thought on the wii and whether that would be okay or if its better i just stick to the dvds if she says yeh the wii is a good option i mite get the wii with the ea sports game which everyone is raving about on the ww forum and its a cardio one so mite be the way to go, but fiona may say stick to dvds, altho shes always saying doing something i enjoy is important so she may say go for the wii LOL have i confused u all yet?

Mum rang last nite and i told her i am going to leave you $40 and throw out all the crap food in this house LOL she was like that seems like such a waste...but i had told eve about it and she was like...its not worth the risk so i will smash all the food to pieces and crumble it and ditch it LOL

Okies not much else going on and work calls...enjoy ur day all

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angelfisherjo said...

Well done your loss this week! ;)