Sunday, April 26, 2009

well had a lovely relaxing day yestereday. Watched biggest loser US...marley n me (omg so good but made me cry), the castle (awesome!) and my best friends girl (blah) Then went out to dinner with my mum, her hubby and his mum. Lets just time ill go out with just mum for

The scales are moving along nicely. Amazing when I stop stressing, eating right and getting in some exercise what can happen. I will weigh in tomorrow morning....then the goal is to reach 40 kilos the monday after. Its completely doable...2 boxing sessions this week should help that along lol. I feel incredibly focussed at the moment...a lot of this is taking everyone else out of the picture and focussing purely on what i can control.

Last nite at dinner i had the greek lamb salad. My mum had schnitzel coated in cheese and also ordered this turkish bread COATED in oil, mustard, cheese and parsley. I said cut me a piece off please...her hubby is like have the whole piece...i was sitting there thinking seriously you THINK i should eat that WHOLE piece??? so i said no i want just a small piece...i placed it on a serviette on my plate and oil just seeped out onto the serviette...was it nice? no but once upon a time ago i woulda loved it...but it really did nothing for me. The greel lamb salad was delicious...had this dressing that was quite thick that was on the side i had some of it and was yummy but left at least 50% off also had boccichinni all yum and tasted delish.

Today another quiet day....finishing off the washing...and gonna settle down and watch a movie in a bit...have a fab day chickadees ;)


Tania said...

3 personal training sessions a week? Wow girl you're doing great! And i'm jealous - you've told me about your arms, you've showed me your arms but you didn't get me to feel them ... LMAO!

Good to see you're putting yourself first - I so can't wait to read either here or on facebook that you've lost 40kgs, what a great day that will be!

Hippygal said...

Tagged you check out my blog :-)