Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Well feel like I have a bit of a cold...sore ear, foggy head. I was just saying about it to someone at work and they were like oh u are gonna be sick over easter...i was like no i wont...i have a new immune system - i dont get sick no more ! lol (i wont mention he asked if i bought my new one on ebay hehe) so im getting the soothers into me today and once i get home tonite gonna snuggle under my quilt and have chicken soup for dinner and hopefully kick what ever germ i got in the ass ! So today is be kind to kazz day and anyone who isnt i will beat up lol just kiddinggggggggggggg

I was doing some reading last nite on different treadmill workouts etc and i discoverred that walking on the treadill on a incline is good for planter fasttisis no wonder i dont get pain when on the treadmill as i pretty much always have some incline due to the fact im scared shitless of the treadmill and going fast lol

Chocolate just landed on my desk in the form of two eggs and a rabbit ! My good ness...226 calories for 40 grams...and theres 160 i think tonite i will be breaking it up into bags of 40 grams.

Okies off i sure im suppose to be doing some kind of work here today hehe ! toodles !


Jody said...

Hmmmm no comment!!! Hahaha

kazz said...

Seeing as you sent your comment via email no I guess you dont need too ! LOL...and yes I did forget and a comma and no the germs arent up my ass ;)

Hippygal said...

Hope you are feeling better :-)