Thursday, April 09, 2009

Uh oh....

I wasnt planning to do a post today, about the only thing I was planning to do was text fiona and say i wasnt going to make it to the gym tonite. I dunno what happened but i had a "blah" nite...i dunno whether its the realisation of having lost nearly 40 kilos or being under 130 kilos or me just being me and just having a down time...(i do have em at times im not always ms positivity lol) I ended up cooking a packet of lite microwave popcorn with that bloody popcorn butter that is so high in salt its not funny and of course i went up a kilo over nite...self sabotage at its best? It was weird I even started thinking...with me only doing oen PT session next week....maybe this is a good time for a break from the gym...then i started thinking with this 3 days off i have after tomorrow perfect time for me to not exercise and just think (which for me usually means overthink) trying not to focus on it all...and just DO. Hopefully whatever hump my mind is on at the moment i will get over.

On to other things....who is wearing size 22-24 knickers - yes ME. They are boy ones ... think theyre called boy short legs or something...its so nice not to be wearing granny undies tho ! LOL when i got them i unfolded them and thought oh they are too was a lovely surprise when they fitted. The other thing is ...i am wearing a SKIRT yes ME lol its taking some adjusting tho...being lady like is hard...the skirt sits just about my knees with a split and well...yanno holding your legs closed is actually hard work ! lol So with these new knickers (which feel strange and I am having to adjust regularly) plus this skirt...its all very very strange.

But yes I am off to the gym...hopefully my session with fiona and kicking and punching will help me get me refocused completely. Not that I am off track...I am on track just not focused like i normally am.

Have a good easter all

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