Thursday, April 09, 2009

I had a good talking too... Fiona....went to the gym tonite....did the boxing session handled it quite easily. Then at the end of the session we got talking...i told her what had prompted my self doubt (was a couple of comments by a couple of people but im not gonna go into the comments) anyway...fiona starts saying wonder why these people think they have the right to put u under pressure or be negative about your journey...then she was like...notice im talking about them not u? Then she told me what i prolly already knew but i guess i needed to hear it...she just reiterated to me this is my journey....and regardless of the gym, fitness levels, weight life is headed where i want it. She then said...every time u see me u get a bit happier...your positive...your doing well...your getting fitter...and that i am the one in control of my weight loss journey not anyone else...and i guess i lost that thought in the last 24 hours that i only let someone else control it if i allow them too. Then she was like so even tho i am away most of next what days are u coming in wednesday and i told her....and she was like...good i mite be in sydney but i will have my spies out keeping me up to date on ur whereabouts lol so all in all im glad i spoke to her...just needed to get it straight in my head.

Tomorrow i am going to try a walk...not a long walk...just 1.72km to be exact

Thats about all...just about to call it a nite...

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