Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Well I feel much better today ! (altho the scales are fluctuating like a crazy woman) Have been pottering around the house doing dishes load of washing done...second one on at the moment so relatively productive.

I feel much better in my mindset again thankfully...onwards and downwards...and bugger everyone else ;) what fiona said last nite (i didnt post all) was exactly what i needed to hear)

My upper back is a lil sore today ... yesterday while sliding on my skirt i think i jiggled put a lil deep heat on it earlier and seems better so far. That was crazy wearing that skirt and new knickers yesterday...those knickers will take some getting use too...and well the skirt and being lady like did my head in LOL

I am just cooking a baked potato at the moment...this afternoon I am going on my 1.72km walk...and tomorrow i will be at the gym...if my back is ok i will do body pump...if not i will aim for 1.7km on treadmill...3kmon bike and 800 metres on treadmill.

My gym charged me incorrectly this week...they should have charged me eithr $170 or $188 but they charged me $106...i know it was around this pay i was suppose to be starting my new contract...which means would be $170 if they only take out $106 next pay day ill ring em and tell em...i dont wanna rip em off nor do i want a big bill 6 months down the track ! All else is going well hopefully my back settles down as i have had a headache since yesterday...which i am guessing is related to my back.

Fingers crossed for a loss tomorrow...considering its been a wacky week with my mindset...any loss i will be happy with.


Jody said...

Should I do it?? Awww you are woman let's hear you roar...HAHahahhaha

Ok (drumroll please)

Mz Workout Mama, Mz I'm getting into Shape, Mz Look at me I'm the Princess "Jock"...

How DO you sprain your back pulling up ya Knickers??? OMG I'm dying laffing here!! And I'm anxious to hear what Fiona has to say about this!!

Ok I'm done here. Happy Easter and I love ya you goofball!!

kazz said...

hahahahah ur so funny ! luckily i know u love me ! I so wish i could say i did it while hiking up a mountain...or by wrestling crocodiles lol...i told my friend dayne about it and shes like...that such a femme thing to do kazz lol what can i say...i AM a femme...hope you had a fab easter too ! hugssss love ya