Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy birthday..... my journal ! 3 Years ago today I started my journal...did I seriously think I would still be writing in it and still focused on this journey 3 years later?? Nah not really lol but i AM so its great.

My shoulder is still seriously pissed i so wanted to go to the gym today and do body pump or body balance but i am worried about making it worse. So i am doing the heating pad thing at the moment...i need it to be better by tuesday....other wise if i dont go to PT fiona will think Im not going cos im ditching the gym and have lost my NEEDS to get better.

Onto some good news...i lost 1.2 kilos this week ! YAY taking me down to 134.4kilos and total loss of 36.5 kilos (just got over 80 pounds jody !) Yesterday i did do my walk i thought it was 1.72kilometres but was actually 1.72 miles...did it in about 36 minutes dunno if thats good or not...but the good news is my foot has no additional pain. So since i prolly wont go to the gym...i will go for a walk...the one im going today is 1.99 miles or maybe i should use today to go to the pool? Its a thought but i dont think im brave enough for the pool lol If I do the walk today...its 2.8 kilometres...not bad since for the virtual triathlon I wanted to do 3 kilometres...on the treadmill at the gym i can only manage about 1.5 kilometres...but thats prolly cos i have a gradient on it (better for my heel) still im impressed.

The other nite during and fiona were using one of the fitness rooms which is huge and we were alone...then her royal hawtness comes in...turns the music on and was singing and whatever....and fiona asks do i wanna go like thinking...are u crazy? hahah ;)

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Tania said...

LOL ... sounds like someone might have been flirting - and i'm not talking about you!!!

Congrats on the loss Kazz, i've just caught up on all your entries of the past week (slack I know) and it's so good to see you bounce back so quickly from those lows.

I've learnt that when you have issues with food, exercise, body image etc that sees you get to the size we are there will always exist the possibility of a trigger that can make you lose focus, binge, whatever - what's important is how you control that and how quickly you get back on track - well that's my opinion anyway!

You're such an amazing inspiration - can't wait to be reading about you reaching 40kgs loss ... it will definitely be something we need to celebrate!