Sunday, April 12, 2009

So dayam proud...

...without even realising it....I exercised 6 out of 7 days this week...every day except wednesday...I have NEVER done that before...and you know what? It wasnt that hard ! Fitting walks in on the days I cant get to the gym is working really weall for me. And speaking of sweaty revolting self just got home from a 3.58km walk (for those who know my place...i walked from my place to regency road and back again -dies)... omg i feel so buggered right now...but so good and glad. I am sure fiona is gonna ask what exercise i did this weekend due to our chat last week.....wait till i tell her i walked every day...yay me !

I have been rather good today...the gym emailed us yesterday said...have one medium egg or one hot cross i had one egg...the gym said i COULD ! LOL And i dont feel guilty at completely embracing this healthy lifestyle...and its all about moderation.

I found a new addiction :( and no its not chocolate ! lol but that damn uno game on facebook...just like the real thing i freaking love it haha

I am working tomorrow and need to dig up a sure we will be quiet being easter monday...but look out tuesday...we will be flat out like a lizard drinking.

Tonite for dinner i am making a favourite meal of pesto pasta havent had it inso long with a lil bit of feta cheese followed by my current fave after dinner snack....stewed apples with sultanas heated with some light cream yum yum

Okies off i go....i feel uno calling me haha but shhhhhhhhhhh dont tell no one ;)


Tania said...

LOL @ Uno - facebook has a lot to answer for, I get addicted to the quizzes!

Well done on the walking and the chocolate - I think i've probably eaten your share anyway but that's about to change tomorrow. Regency Rd is quite a distance from your house, you should be proud - next time try going to GJ Rd (ducks head ... lol)

Have to catch up again soon - I saw a friend of mine today and we swapped entertainment books and took unused vouchers from each others old books - so now I have another one for Fellini's - perhaps a Sunday lunch now that daylight savings has finished?

Tina said...

I'm not even going to start on the games on facebook. I'm addicted enough - LOL!!

Great job with the walking. It's the only exercise I do and I love it. Getting out in the fresh air on a sunny day is so nice. Have to make the most of it before the cold weather sets in.