Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday...

Well goodness me easter is over for me as I am back at work. I bought a book in in the hope it may be quiet but I may have jinxed myself as I have just heard a whisper we are busy :(

Slept in till 10am, i did wake at 7.30am...normal weighing time and the scales said 133.9 ! So if things continue thruout the week (and dont fluctuate blah) i may be headed for a very nice loss this week.

Didnt exercise this shoulder is still sore (really getting over it now) I will tell fiona tomorrow nite and with luck she may concentrate on it when she gives me my massage ;) Of course tomorrow nite is my last week in my current program...she told me a few things she was planning to get me to do last week for this week lol so think i may end up a lil sore.

Theres really not too much else to say - oh except tania - grand junction road are u crazy woman??? And yes a sunday get together sounds good...i have the next 4 sundays free then work the next 3 (thnk the first one is weekend starting may 17) then another 4 sundays lemme know what works for you...okies off i go !


I have been sitting here reading threads over at jillians has me very interested and its a thread on jills new book. Basically the essence of her new book is eat organic, cut out chemicals and your hormones will balance out and you will master your metabolism. I ahve been listening to jills show for a while now and slowly been doing it without really realising it, i always eat free range eggs, the ham i get from foodland is organic. Basically in jills book which i am hoping to get this week...its a case of if it doesnt ahve a mother or grow in the ground...dont eat it. Do i think i could make small changes over a period of time and do this? In all honesty no...there are somethings i just wont give up...but i think there are lots of ways where it can be improved with myself. I really have not been eating much processed foods lately. Prolly the most processed (apart from yesterdays easter egg lol) is bread or my vita weets. But not having all the ww snack type foods i havent missed in all honesty, s piece of cheese as a snack or my stewed apples...i love love love. And i figure if i find foods that i love in these guidelines then it will work. For the first time ever i have used over a dozen eggs in less then 14 days. Normally i would only buy a 6 pack of eggs and that would last me a month...but i do like them and they are filling and surprise surprise not processed hehe. I really adore the tip top 9 grain bread with pumpkin seeds...its one of the yummiest breads i think i have ever had, so i am loving eating them too. But that said there are some things i wont give up. I NEED my pepsi max i know i said ages ago i would give it up...but guess what? no can do i dont think you need to cut EVERYTHING out and regardless i am still eating so much better then 4 months ago. I was sitting here earlier and looking and the part of my legs above my knees...they are looking upper thighs are still huge but i am seeing some changes which is so very exciting.

I just had the craziest conversation with my boss. She asked me if i am still doing ww...i explained now im doing calories..and she asked how many? i was like 1764 calories today presently and she is like...i need to lose weight but the only way i can lose weight is to eat under 500 calories....OMG people seriously how stupid can some people be ! Then i said well 1700 calories i dont eat that much like a scrambled egg with a slice of toast for breakfast, ham sandwich 4 lunch, 4 vitaweets, plus my dinner...and she goes....that sounds like a lot of food. REALLY???? Its not a lot of food...its a healthy amount of food...big bloody difference...she dieted many years ago i remember she just ate salad and soup...and then ended up in hospital sick as a dog surprise surprise. So anyway i was like noooooooooo you gotta eat at least 1200 calories. She then asked me about my gym...turns out she is thinking about trying my gym out (just what i need seeing my boss at the gym !) Seriously with all the info on healthy eating why do people say they can only lose weight if they eat 500 calories or less. Okies...steps off my soap box lol off to a meeting....enjoy

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Tina said...

Can I come too when you catch up with Tania?? We were just talking today about having a lunch together with you and Martine if you are up for it.

I so agree with the less processed approach. Makes such good sense. I try and eat just fruit for my snacks during the day.

I don't get these fad diets either!!! How do you get it into some people's heads that 'dieting' is not the way to go!!