Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well worked till 8pm last nite went home, had dinner was in bed by just before 10pm and what happens? The damn neighbours decide its the perfect time for a domestic...which would have been fine except I had to start work at 7am this morning...so I am a lil tired today, but im made of tuff stuff i'll survive it. I finish work at 3pm then heading home and out for my 3.58km walk then home to cook some dinner so its ready for when i get home from the gym and then off to the gym for my PT session. Thankfully tomorrow i dont work till noon so the princess can have a sleep in lol.

Yesterday afternoon i was walking in the office and my boss was a few steps behond me then called out to me and said "is that calf muscles i can see?" now not sure my calves feel the same to me...but it is a good thought lol bring it on lol

Its 7.40am and i have already downed 600 mls of water ... another 1200 mls and i will be done for the day (have u gathered im not a huge water fan?)

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Friday nite is felicitys bday celebrations...its at mojo west which just gets way too crowded for my liking...so i will go in stay for a couple of hours but i ahve every intention of being home by 10.30pm LOL...saturday morning i am planning to do body pump followed by body balance and then saturday nite is Ryans birthday which i am going to with Jaimee...i have invited Leigh as well but havent checked with her if she is still planning to come along.

Good ole tom is coming to visit me again soon...had the occassional stomach pain yesterday and its back again today so im guessing will get it in the next week or so...so will have to be very careful and also if those scales start to fluctuate remember its cos of TOM

Not too much else to say...off to do some work...hurry up 3pm LOL

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