Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gym day !

I am feeling so good today...jumped on my scales as per normal and i wont jinx myself by saying what the scales said but i am headed for a really good loss this week. I think calories works perfectly for me and specially that with each time i log my weight it readjusts my calories, also i think the fact with calorie king i am trying to really focus on getting 30% protein and 40% carbs is really helping too...I havent once hit 30% of protein but my protein has increased so it must have been very low before. And with the scales showing a decent loss its made me think...holy hell im getting close to 40 kilos lost and more importantly getting close to being under 130 kilos. Weighing 129.9 kilos or less seems a dream...seems unbelievable...last time i was around that weight is at least 7 years ago...that seems LIGHT...i know it isnt...but to me that seems so normal and so much lights...i mean it seems amazing to me to think i weighed in at 150.8 kilos in late december and by saturday i should be under 134 kilos...thats amazing.

Its not just starting to think under 130 kilos....i never in a million years woulda thought i wanted to run or wanted to do pushups...but guess what? I do! Running the process of it....seems so freeing...to do pushups ... i would feel so strong...i know both these things are still a long way away...fiona has told me we are working towards doing push ups...and i am guessing in the next program which we will start in 2 weeks will have me attempting a step closer to them. I tried last nite just being in the position of being on my toes andholding myself on my arms....the interesting thing was...not only was it hard....but i knew my posture was wrong...she has been drilling that into me at our sessions and i knew my ass was too high in the air (lovely visual I know lol)...ive been reading on some sites about starting running too..i know on biggest loser they run when bigger then me...but theres no way id try it at the moment...but when i get down to around 125 kilos...i may be tempted to try and work towards that...at that point i may talk to fiona...and get some guidance...

The other funny thing is most the time i have confidence i can do this stuff...but occassionally i loose it...this morning i was thinking about the pushups...and suddenly unconsciously my brain overtook me....and i was my old self thinking i cant do this...i'm a weakling...i don't belong at the gym...im not sure what set it off...but...i very quickly shook my head and walked out of the room and thought...course i can...but it shows u...u cant get cocky and i rally need to continually work on my self belief in regards to this. I did ballet as a kid but i always sucked at athletics type things...i couldnt run...i hated cross country days...and athletic days...and i think those feelings of as a teenager come over me...but i didnt care back then...i had no desire to run or whatever but i actually desire to be strong and fit now....and i have NEVER ever had that desire before lil own whilst on any weight loss journey...and thats what makes me KNOW this time is different.

I posted a thread on the ww forum yesterday saying lets do a virtual triathlon (yes i POSTED it lol dont die of shock!) anyway so i suggested by the last week in may we do 3km's on the bike, 3kms walking and 2kms rowing. So today off to the gym i went....i cycled at level 5 3kms in 6.17 minutes...i then went on the treadmill...ive not done a lot of walking remember,,,i upped the incline to 2 and the speed got up to 4.3 and i did 1.5kms in just under 23 minutes...i off course will try and build this up to 3kms by end of may...and then i did 600 metres on the rower which i obviously need to build on as well. When walking my heart rate was at 140-145 which was great but the funniest thing is i did it after the bike and was sweating like mad...anyway some sweat fell on my eyelash hhahahahha omg do u know how annoying that is? lol and cos im so scared of the treadmill i didnt wanna wipe it LOL

Anyway back to work tomorrow...for two days anyways LOL...then a 3 day weekend wooo hooooo

PS jody 3kms is 1.864113576712 Miles and 2kms is 1.2427423844747 Miles (hows that for accuracy ! LOL)

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