Monday, April 06, 2009

Day off YAY!

My gawd it was freezing this morning...even had to pull out my dressing gown...which i noticed doesnt gape ! Fits me rather nicely. Got on the scales...and woot i was a kilo lower then i was on saturday ! I am so happy i think i may be over this lil fluctuation and may even get under 134 kilos by saturday which would be awesome.

Went to the gym this morning...had a PT session...fiona told me next week as its the last week of the current program she is going to push me to the edge - this does not sound good ! Specially as she was kicking my ass today anyway...she increased the single rows to 15 kilos ! holy hell ! I was doing 7 kilos only 4 weeks ago... She also had me coming up on my toes when i come out of my one legged expecting very sore calves tomorrow ! lol Turns out she is having 6 days off next week so i will only get one PT session and we decided to not rearrange a time for it but instead leave it in reserve for the next time my weight slows down we can then do a hour of boxing (gawd forbid - her suggestion !) to help kick the weight loss along.

Tomorrow i am planning to do a lunch time class of body balance and then im off to the book shop and fingers crossed jillians book is in.

I stopped into katies today and saw this gorgeous top. I have two birthdays coming up on the weekend of the 17th...Ryans and felicitys so i need at least one new was really cute and girlie...just a bit worried it may make me look hippy but when i go in tomorrow i mite try it on and then make a decision. I also need to buy some boots...I would LOVE some knee high ones but i suspect my calves may be too big for that.

Tonite i am having tacos ! I dont have them often cos the seasoning has a lot of sodium but with this cold weather it seems like a goer to me hehe

I was surfing the net this morning...found some gorgeous images of one of my long time fave models...shes a french gal...laetitia casta...stunning stunning to have a body like hers would be awesome (and yes jody these were NEW images so she must have modelled recently) she has the best bustline and and like a 10-12 body...nice nice heh

Okies just about dinner time...need to get cooking the tacos...enjoy all

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