Sunday, April 05, 2009

Another NSV

Well I had a bit of a NSV (non scale victory) last nite..when my sister was here last she was driving my mums hubbys car...anyway i got in the front passenger seat and the seat belt did up WOOT! At the time i thought oh the seat must be back further then normal or something. Then last nite got in the taxi to go home...sat in the back seat and tried the seat belt - IT DID UP ! This morning...same thing IT DID UP ! omg i know it sounds weird but this is exciting...another step closer to being normal...i am paranoid enuff in cars without the fear of a accident when im not wearing a thats really nice that i can feel safer in the cars now.

Was a bit strange with daylight savings ending...the good news is the scales dropped 500 grams over nite ! This was the closest i had come to my calories (should be on 1770 i have been having up to about 1600 most days but yesterday managed 1700 calories) so im gonna try and keep the calories between 1700 and 1770 and see if that helps...i am just hoping tomorrow im 135.1 or lower....that will mean i may be on the road to stopping fluctuating.

Today I am working (joy o joy lol) hurry up 8pm as I am then off for 2 days...YAY and apart from PT n gym visits i dont have too much planned.

Okies off to do some work enjoy ur sunday all

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Tania said...

Gotta love NSV's! Well done, enjoy your days off, i'm back at work tomorrow :-( And even worse i'm working full time hours for the next 3 weeks.