Sunday, April 19, 2009

Uh oh....

I have what feels like a hangover...its not a hangover from alcohol(didnt drink last nite) but i think it is a hangovr from the food i put into my body yesterday :(

So Jaimee picked me up and was like omg you have a waist ! lol then she was like zapatas (mexican restuarant) or pink pig (sells a lot of pig funnily enuff! lol) so i thought pink pig mite be the better we get there...and i look at the menu...and i see devilled chicken wings on a bed of i ordered those....well they came out and there was like 10 chicken wings or something ridiculous on the plate...holy crap i of course didnt eat them all and they were yummy but incredibly spicy so i KNOW very high in sodium and there was a bit of oil too...then jaimee about dessert? lol so i did :( i had a apple struedel was delish and not a huge piece. Was a really nice dinnerwas great just sitting around chatting to her. We then went to Ryans birthday which was at some bar neither of us had heard of before and we stayed like a hour lol. At one point this girl comes up to me (she was a lesbian) and says...can i borrow this chair...and me being me not really paying attention i go sure...take it...and th girl turns around and says....if you get bored come join i wasnt really paying attention jaimee swears she was directing it at me...after the girl leaves jaimee is like...the lesians dont leave u alone do they? lol (major exaggeration there) and then heres the best news jaimee is going to be doing a 14 day trial at my gym and may even join it ! She is on holidays the first week of may so gonna do the trial then and gonna try and go at times i go so we can do some workouts and maybe some classes together...that would be so im very very excited about that.

So my scales this morning have jumped up 2.6 kilos - ooops ! A lot of that will be flui retention so its a walk today...and being fanatical about my food for the next few days...have a good day all

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