Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm SO happy !

About a month ago i mentioned on my journal a top i saw at was so pretty and feminine,,,,and it didnt just came done...was gathered at the hips then had a lil bit of a skirt type to it...i loved it....was $60 tho and i wasnt sure it would look any good on me. Anyway as i have Ryans birthday tonite....i thought i will go into katies and see if they have it i wandered around the regular priced stuff...couldnt see it...went up to the top floor where all the reduced stuff is...looking thru rack after rack thinking it wont be here and i dont see anything else i like...when i spotted the whipped over to gawd theres only one...what size dammit...size 22 .... omgggggggg -prays- so i dash off to the dressing room...and it FITS ! but the best news? it was only $24.95! i also bought a pink tshirt for $9.95 hehe so happy...and its not a tight fits nice...if they had other sizes i mite have tried on a size it was all totally exciting and i cannot wait to wear it tonite.

Then i went to the gym...did 15 minutes on the treadmill...just as fiona asked...did level 3.4 and a incline of 6.5 my heart rate was at 130's so i obviously need the incline even higher (hope i dont slide off the bloody thing) then i did 15 minutes on the fat burner program at level 5 on the bike....then *drumroll* i listened to jody and tried the epileptical your applause people i only lasted 2 minutes LOL...but i will work on that and build it up.

I will try and take a pic tonite and upload it tomorrow....have a good saturday all !

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Shrinking Tardie said...

Kazz - I love my elliptical...I get a much harder workout using it for half an hour than I do the treadmill and it's really low impact on the knees as well - so you win both ways!

Don't worry too much about slipping off the treadmill - drop the speed, raise the incline, and get used to the feeling for a while would be my suggestion. I started running when I was around the weight you are now so go you!!!