Friday, April 17, 2009


Well finished work at 3pm then scooted off to the grocery store and did the loving how when i cut out the processed crap the bill drops down...i bought lots of meat, fresh fruit, vegetables and even a biggest loser pedometer (counts calories expended apparantly) and all for less then $140 yay :)

I discoverred something today...i dont have to turn on my side when entering toilet cubicles now so i fit in ;) front on baby and i pretty much do it with ease.

After the shopping i thought RIGHT time to sort out my wardrobe a lil so i finally went thru it and grabbed out some clothes i know no longer fit will pop them on ebay tomorrow...hopefully make a lil cash.

Dinner tonite was low fat pasta carbonara yum yum...I am about to go have a shower then while watching biggest loser i will have my apples, sultanasand low fat cream for dessert.

Tomorrow i am gyming it in the morning...tomorrow nite i am going to Ryans birthday. Me and Jaimee are meeting up before hand and planning to go out to dinner before hand...Ryan being the anal gay boi he is told jaimee we have to be their 9am sharp ! I said to jaimee...why do the blow up dolls arrive at 9.05pm hehe cant wait to see his sassy butt...havent seen him for nearly 3 months.

Okies have a fab friday off to get in the shower to warm this body of mine up !

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Tania said...

Ok, i've heard of a million and one benefits of losing weight in the past but I don't think walking into a toilet cubicle front on has ever been one of them ... lol

You girls have a fabulous night tomorrow night!