Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tired tired tired

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG i was a TERROR at work today lmfaooooooooooooo i think the whole team wished i would shut up ! I musta been in a hell of a good mood

Went to PT tonite...OMG she is trying to kill me im sure of it ! I firstly did 25 minutes on the treadmill..(go me) gradient was on 7 and speed 3.4 and my heart rate was up over 140. Then we did boxing...she told me i had a good right hook tonite lol (my right hook) my right hook has been one punch that i have never been too good at, normally every session its like put your elbow up...so was good that she was impressed with that. At the end i was like so ready for a nap...anyways so fiona is stretching me...heres how the conversation between me and fiona went...

F : are you feeling dizzy?
Me : no
F : are u feeling nauseaus?
Me : No
F : So your not going to throw up? (laughing)
Me : Sorry to disappoint but no (im laughing too)
F : no i dont want you sick but i do want you buggered
Me: Mission accomplished

We talked a lil about that damn TRX she just reinforced i CAN do this its just a fear and guess what im human? So i will have fears. She was then asking me...is this whole thing i am going thru because i dont know how to take a compliment? Do i feel like i owe the person something when they compliment me? So i explained a lil more about how always in my life i have never followed thru with things...when i feel uncomfortable i give up....anyway she pretty much said your human karyn and she was like trust me..your not strange for what your going thru its actually common....you just have to keep doing. Talking to her always seems to help....as seems when i start to say how i am feeling about something she gets it (prolly seen it in others before i guess) and she is usually pretty accurate on how different things make me feel. We also decided we will do boxing monday and thursday night and weights on tuesday nite...to break it up shes not too concerned basically said she doesnt want me doing the boxing on both monday and tuesday nites.

Okies...i NEED to go have a warm shower as im bloody freezing before House starts...have a good nite all !

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