Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hilton Hotel Adelaide here I come...

...yes babeeeeee saturday nite i will be spending it in the luxury of the hilton hotel. (the one in victoria square for all you adelaidians) i decided to do that as my "reward" for my 40 kilos. I went onto and bought one of their "secret hotels" and then they email you and tell you where you are staying ... so very ecstatic about the of it look GORGEOUS but i of course will take more photos while there.

No PT sessions today i am thinking about going into the gym and doing body balance at 6.30pm but undecided yet...knowing my lazy ass ill prolly opt for a nite at home. Tomorrow nite i have PT again and then presuming the weather is ok on friday nite we are going to the wheaty (we sit in their beer garden) and then wooo hooo saturday nite at the hotel.

My arms were sore yesterday when i raised theyre sore even when i dont raise them ! LOL bloody hell..hope they arent as sore tomorrow as its boxing again and ill be a pathetic weakling hehe

Not a lot else going on...have a fab hump day all


Jody said...

Wow!! It was so nice talking to you today! It was way past due. I needed a translator again to understand your accent...hahaha!

Anyway, the Hilton sounds fabulous Dahling and I know you will have a great time. Take advantage of all they have for you there!

You deserve this treat, you've done a helluva job on your journey.

Ok, hoping you have the best of times Fri and Sat and I'm glad u have Fiona around to "pound some sense" into you.


kazz said...

OMG it was so good talking to you ! And i was really REALLY glad to hear your news - remember lots of fibre now chicka ! And i promise this time at a hotel will be nothing like the last time i stayed at a hotel lol

ilu too xox

Shrinking Tardie said...

WOOHOO - way to go Kazz! And what a wonderful reward for yourself. Can't wait to hear how it went.