Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I doubt i will manage to do a post tomorrow. Mumbai has a election on tomorrow and the government has declared it a public holiday and its illegal for anyone to go to our mumbai call centre will prolly have no staff so will be busy busy.

I feel happy today. Im excited about the hotel on saturday nite...I emailed Jaimee to see if she wants to go out for some dinner saturday nite and she was all for that so i will see her that nite for some yummy food. Always love catching up with Jaimee (shes the blonde in the pic on my page) not only is she a looker LOL but she has the wickedest sense of humour of anyone i know so always entertaining.

I rang the gym this morning to change some appointment times and her royal hawtness answered the phone ! Dayam that put a smile on my face....see sexi women can still perk me up! LOL Then i said to the boys at lunch...i just rang the gym and her royal hawtness answered the phone that has so perked me up...and scott she as hot as jillian? Im like she comes damn close....then he says...are you thinking about them having a fight over you right now? LOL i was like i wasnt but damn i am now !

I am noticing im even happier the last few days with the customers at work...funny how weight loss and how u feel about it has a flow on effect. I was talking at work today about the gym and what not...and i was saying "i love my PT sessions" then i thought later wow its like a while since i've said i love those sessions...why was i suddenly deciding i was not loving them? Was Fiona spot on when she said last week...i think your trying to punish yourself? The more i think about the stuff the more i think i wish i could get back to how i was a month ago then i get frustrated...and then i start to feel like a loser for feeling like this in the first place...even tho i know (thanks to fiona lol) that this is all just part of the fact that yes i am human and while it would be nice to cut off my brain and all its thinkin...bottom line...its something we all do.

Im trying to download Jillians radio show and its being a ass grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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