Thursday, April 02, 2009

That was one ass kicking...

...except I wasnt doing the kicking ! LOL OMG fiona kickedddddddd my ass tonite...i got to the gym early...did 15 minutes on level 4 on the bike (highest level i had previously done) followed by 8 minutes at level 5. Then we went and did the boxing session...every week the boxing is getting harder...between the combos fiona had me running up and down on a step i think for like 45 seconds or something OMG i was dying hahahah.... she was like do u wanna drink or cold flannel (being the hero i like to think i am im like no) by about 15 minutes when she asked me i was like pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Then she was like reminding me i need to drink my water lol i kinda think if i can get thru this session with no water or cold flannel well im a hero and not focussing on the fact i need to stay hydrated. At the end of the session she asked if i was happy with the level we are going at...she said..I am happy with it but if your not happy we can step it up LOL my gawd ! I was dying...I think i may have looked at her like she was talking alien speak hahahhah. I somehow suspect the scales should move tomorrow morning too ! like holy When i walked into the gym today sarah was on the desk (the girl who introduced me to the body pump trainer on saturday) and she was like how was ur first body pump class? Well i told her i preferred it to RPM LOL and then she talked to me a bit and was saying doing the smaller weights will be a good complement to the resistance training i do with fiona...then coralie the manager came out and sarahs like...karyn did her first body pump class on saturday...and coralie was like how did it go? i was like i was a lil sore in my shoulders but not too bad...shes like yeh cos your already conditioned to weights...and then she was like your a machine hahahahha (slight exageration im thinking !) But a good nite at the gym...and do yas get why i love my gym??? So damn supportive

I thought a lil more about the needing more protein...i think i will add a slice of low fat cheese to my sandwich and i think i will also buy some cheese triangles and have with some sultanas as a snack. That should bring my calories up without eating crap food...and eating things i like !

And Anita - thank you for a lovely comment =] its always surprising who finds my journal and that I dont ALWAYS seem like a raving lunatic lol

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