Thursday, April 02, 2009

Oh getting up early after 10 days off is not so easy LOL. Thankfully tomorrow is my last early for a few days...sat and sunday i start at noon and then monday and tuesday i am YAY.

The scales were up 800 grams this morning...not sure why...i ate nothing wrong yesterday...i was very warm over nite and still felt like it when i woke so im guessing maybe its some fluid retention...but i dont care i know im on track. Tonight i have a PT session of boxing...last week i remember there were several points where i felt like i was dying...hopefully that doesnt occur tonite lol i'd actually like to kick ass tonite ! I am pondering over my food a lil....ive noticed a difference since back at ive said before im trying to get my calories break up be 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. Which when i was at home worked as i'd have a scrambled egg with spinich and cheese for breakfast and maybe a slice of toast and then lunch would be a baked potato or a sandwich. But since being back at work my breakfast has changed to 3 weetbix...which means by the time ive had lunch my carbs are at i am pondering about whether to start to bring in a raw egg and some cheese and chuck it in the microwave for a few minutes to make a scrambled egg...not really how i like my scrambled eggs lol but it might be doable. Anyone got any other ideas for protein that i can eat at work? My only other thought is maybe try a protein shake for breakfast a couple of times per week...maybe even fernwoods drink...i use to like it and its very rich in vitamins and minerals. So decisions decisions

Not much else to say...busy day at work...enjoy all !

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Katy said...

Do you like poached egg that you could have and microwave that instead?
Or bring a boiled egg?
Extra yoghurt?
I'm terrible with protein!