Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Back to it all !

Well here i am back at work...

Mystery number one ! Who left me a sweet lil note on my desk ! Someone came in to check their payslip and left me a lil note saying they couldnt believe the day they came in was the day i was off...i was like who left this note ! Cos of course its unsigned ... ive got it down to 2 is a guy whose on a 5 month career break and one is a guy who is transferring to sydney...both adore me (of course! LOL) but no matter who was very sweet!

I came into work today and there was one of those lil wrist bands on my desk...and it says on it "we believe anythings possible" and its so funny cos jillian said this quote the other day which was "impossible is my favourite word" so they kinda go together.

No gym today...having a shoulder muscles are quite sore. Tomorrow nite i have my boxing PT session. And I am hoping they arent sore by then otherwise i am gonna be quite pathetic lol

I am really liking the counting calories still not once since i have been doing them have i got close to going over my calories...i have not eaten much processed food which helps as well of course...yesterday i even had a slice of swiss cheese on my sandwich (yummmmmmmmmm) and i still came in about 150 calories under points. The scales are moving so i am not going to get too concerned that im 150 calories under. Must admit its nice having the routine breaks are rostered at work so i cant just mindlessly eat at my desk. So im always great for that 2 hours or so between each break, and today i finish work at 4pm, which is nice.

I have written myself completely off the ww not gonna sit here and dribble some chit about my thoughts (dont wanna offend anyone lol) im moving on from was a great basis for this journey...but i think i have taken a step further then ever before...ive neverstarted to develop muscles...whilst initially it was i wanna look hot going one of the desires is too look hot at the gym in some cute SLEEVELESS workout gear old manager who i ADORE michael just stopped by my desk (and hes a health nut) and he asked me what is motivating me...and i hadnt really thought too much about that recently...and then i said...u know the better i do .... the more i wanna do...initially it was attempt number 50,000 at weight loss...but now its a combination of things...i want my health...i want a stunning figure...i want to be able to do actual pushups...i wanna be able to run on the treadmill...these are all things that are long ways off but which im working towards...fiona said the other day after we did pushups against the bar...yanno u will be doing them on the floor soon enuff...and i was like yeh i knew that was coming lol...and i want that...i like getting into those resistance sessions and just DOING...the first week or two of the program i prolly stuff around a bit and i think thats me using defence mechanisms to get over the fact of what she wants me to do. The one legged squats i thought she was theyre hard and she wants me doing them lower but i can do them ofcourse...when i do the single rows know with the free weight i am lifting 12.5 kilos with one lil arm lol we started at 7 kilos...ive increased it by 5.5 kilos...and she even said normally we increase by 1.5 kilos at a time ... this time she just shifted it up by 2.5 kilos taking me too the grand 12.5 u get the feeling i like these sessions? That i like feeling strong lol I do its awesome and it is finally clicking to me why others like it so much, Sure i am not a huge fan of sitting on the bike or treadmill but the resistance training is pretty damn awesome and unfortunately the boxing just kills me ! Last week she stood on a bench with her hands up high...and said 10 jabs on each arm (this by itself was enuff to kill me) then she lowered her hands and said ok another 10 with each arm...and after i did that and was ready to crumble in a heap she was like...okies now do all that another 4 times not a huge fan of cardio...sweating is not really a thing i but its bearable in those sessions...okies enuff dribbling about the gym...i hope when i meet my next gf i am as enthralled with her as i am the gym ! LOL...

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