Friday, April 03, 2009

La la la la

Seriously i want a sleep in ! LOL i am so looking forward to tomorrows sleep in. Just got a text from fiona...she looked at the photos and her response was "OMG! photos are amazing" hehe

Tonight after work i am off grocery shopping, im hoping i make it to the chemist in time i wanna buy a strap for my ankle...its not that its injured or anything but it feels weak when im on the treadmill which makes me think i am going to roll over on even tho it may be psychological i wanna try and take that worry out.

Depending what time i wake tomorrow i may go do RPM but im tired so i need a good sleep in so may not make it. Monday and tuesday I am monday I am planning to go to the lunch time class of body pump and tuesday i have my PT session in the evening. Apart from that dont have a real lot to do on my days off, altho i may venture down to the gardening store. The other thing i need to do and keep putting off is i really need to start sorting out my clothes ! LOL Any stuff thats too large but good quality Ill wash up nice and put on ebay anything not in good condition will get ditched.

I did ask Leigh if she wants to go to Ryans bday with me (strictly as friends!)so appears she is going to come out for a few drinks that weekend !

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