Saturday, April 04, 2009

Its saturday !

Weighed in this morning and lost 800 grams so quite impressed about that. I have been fluctuating quite a bit this weight this morning was 135.6, but its been up and down each day this week varying between 135.2 and 135.8, but im not concerned...i know im working out, i know my eating has been good...only thing lacking until a couple of days ago is my water but im back onto that. I am noticing whenever i have a day where i eat a bit of processed food i pick a bit...days where i am sticking to mostly processed foods that doesnt happen...hmmm...

I am finding jillian michaels forum not very friendly...i think in all honesty the WW forum is much friendlier !

Ive just managed to wing a shift swap for good friday YAY which means i have monday and tuesday wednesday and thursday then friday, saturday and sunday off ! Wooot ! Im practically like a normal person haha

Just waiting on a text message from fiona at the moment...i wanna do PT during the day on monday or tuesday during the day instead of a evening session this use being out in this dark (since daylight savings ends tonite)

My manager mary just came back to work today after 3 weeks away anyway she just said to me she can really tell a difference in me just in the last 3 weeks...she said my body shape has changed more and can see it a lot on my waist and despite the scales not exactly playing along with me...what im doing is obviously working ! So is all good...okies off to do some work....enjoy all

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Tania said...

LOL @ you being normal - ummm not quite :-)