Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well im pondering something...something good...i wont say what it is yet ill prolly decide over the next day or two. But its something i wanna decide on my own with no outside input...its partly dependant on waiting for some info from her...but it is all GOOD so no worries hehe

Well my gawd I only JUST made it to the gym literally...the session was at 6pm and i walked in at 6pm and i still had to change my shoes and go to the loo ! lol But anyway made it by the skin of my teeth. And yet again she kicked my ass. LOL...after every combo she had me leaning against a wall in a squat position(which Fiona decided is called the wall of woe haha) and i would do either 30 or 50 fast jabs or upper cuts then i'd do a combo then back to the wall again. At one point she said...okies we gonna do this combo 10 times but add 6 right kicks each time (thats 60 kicks people !) anyway she said it and then i groaned lol and she said one day when i say that you wont groan. She said ... you use to groan at u dont....i said...yeh just mostly and she was like no you dont. Anyways she then told me that todays session was at a intermediate level :) and she's real happy too with the fact im not getting those giddy spells anymore ... so everything is really going good in that area.

When i walked into the gym sarah was on the desk (who i spoke to on mmonday when i cancelled the pt sessions) and she was like twice in one week karyn? haha...think that was a hint...lazy ass i am ! I have only been here twice this i need to increase that.

It is a really nice feeling to feel focussed have stopped thinking that its "too hard" that its just me doing what ive been doing the past 4 months.

Jo - thanks for your comments - altho i dont comment yours often, yours is one i read daily ! ;)

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