Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doing good..

Well a good day so far today. TOM is not far from sure it will appear in the next 24 hours. Funny how i use to dread it now cos i know ill lose some fluid im like hell yeh bring it on...just wait till after PT tonite to arrive and i will be happy. I have to dash after work tonite Fiona just texted she can see me at 6pm (much better then 7.30pm!) but its gonna be a challenge...normally i finish at at the bus stop jsut before 5.10pm and its all good...but its been raining...and i walk across a paddock and a lil dirt track which is prolly gonne be muddy and slow me down (and hopefully not slip me up!) Id prefer to wear my gym shoes for that dash but i dont wanna get mud on them...doubt the gym would appreciate that LOL

Foodwise ive been very good since day 3 now. Funny how before i went back to the gym i couldnt get back on track but voila been very good since.

My mum has been driving me nuts lately...we talk via skype and message after message she would fail to reply too for like a week...then she sent me a message and well i kinda ignored it ;) blah im not gonna be treated like a doormat anymore...anyway last nite she asked me to meet her for lunch which i couldnt do but instead ill go out for dinner with her and her hubby saturday in my own lil way i think i accomplished something lol

My water has been lacking a bit as i sit here drinking my pepsi max lol so will have to start getting stuck more into that. But i have stomach cramps a bit today so i will think about that in the next day or so.

Mentally i feel much better...i know i can do this thats not debatable whenever i eat right and exercise the scales generally move in the right direction. For the moment i will keep plodding along as i am...when the gym runs there next challenge (they run 3-4 per year) i mite look at doing one...altho ive got a feeling the next is their military miss bootcamp so mite be something i couldnt cope with but i mite look at doing one of them...i prolly shoulda done the one theyre doing now but its too late...they basically "earn points" for attending the gym, doing classes, losing weight etc...prolly woulda been a good motivator...oh well maybe next time. I am still pondering the bloody goal Fiona wants me thinking about. I tried to do a push up last nite hahah how hilarious that woulda been to watch...i tried twice first time i started to lower and my arms just collapsed LOL the second time i think maybe i lowered myself 2 centimetres lol quite the damn weakling i am haha I prolly need to set more of a plan...of attending the gym and making sure im doing the right sort of balance of things (ie ensuring i am doing enuff cardio) mite be something i will discuss with her.

Okies have a good day all...lets pray i make it to the gym on time lol

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JustJo said...

I LOVE reading your blog! it is one of the most positive ones on my reading list!
You are doing so so so well, and I admire you for your dedication and determination too.
The "head" work in this weight loss journey, is often harder than the "body" work, but hang in there chick - you are going great guns!!!