Friday, April 24, 2009

Decision has been made... yep...I am going to be doing a 3rd PT session per week thanks to k-rudds stimulation LOL once i get the money i will buy 2 packs of 10 weeks....then in june when i get my bonus ill buy another pack of 10 which will see me thru to early january :) Fiona can fit me in at 7pm on monday nights which works really plan is to see her monday, tuesday and thursdays. Do body balance on wednesdays...and body pump on saturdays. This would give me 2 weight sessions per week, 2 cardio sessions per week and 1 stretching and flexibility session per week. I just get so much out of the PT session and since i have the money it seems kinda silly not to utilise it for this. So will prolly buy the first pack on thursday nite (ill get it out of my pay packet if k-rudd hasnt stimulated me by then heh) so that is the the time they run out at christmas time hopefully my weight has dropped enough that i dont get all the pain i currently do on the treadmill. And so i would possibly drop back to two sessions then...or possibly keep it going. But anyway i feel very good about this decision.

The scales dropped today ! yay :) they dropped by 600 grams in im now at 133.6 2.7 kilos to hit that bloody 40 kilos...and im determined to do that over the next few weeks. The gym is closed tomorrow and despite this bloody wet weather i will do a 3.5km walk each day (hopefully my feet handle it)

Its funny to think 5 days ago i was thinking oh i need a break lol...its funny how much i enjoy the gym sessions...and how after how good about myself i feel.

Hope everyone has a nice day...and lets hear it for thnak gawd its friday - oh and k-rudd and his stimulus package LOL

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