Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feeling SO much better !

For the first time in a few weeks i am feeling lighter...not as in weight but as in thoughts in my brain. Went to PT tonite....we did about 10 minutes of boxing and then me and Fiona got talking...she was asking me how i was feeling about the feedback in relation to the 40 kilos...and i was explaining that this week i have found out numerous friends/work mates have joined ww or thinking about it and have been talking to me about it coming and tellin me how much they have lost and questions relating to it....and fiona used a different term in relationship to "inspiration" she called me a role model..i was saying that (and i was explaining this to jody the other nite) that im not doing anything that millions of healthy people do and thats eat right and exercise and as Fiona said...yes everyone knows that but people see you as a role model cos you made a choice about not doing the opposite anymore and you got up and made the changes...and now cos people have seen you do it they are seeing u as a role model and wanting to do what your doing, she then went on to doesnt change my journey...and i have no responsibility for their journey....but i may have led to some people taking the first step to getting healthy. That to me has a whole different perspective on it. We then also talked about my self confidence...i explained how things we did initially instrength training were "functional" things we do in day to day life now we are not. And while my lil voice inside my head tells me "you cant do pushups" or "you cant do the TRX" fionas perspective is she explained she wont get me to do something im not physicially capable of and for her its more about whether ill have the confidence to do it more so then being physically able. She also said and if you can't do something its no biggie...we just take a step back and come back to it later...she then said if your not ready for the TRX now we can come back to it...but i was like no no no i wanna keep trying it. In the end she did say while we talked half the session she thought it was a important chat cos it allows her to know where i am at.

The annoying thing is the scales have gone up...i know ive been spot on this week so im not freaking out...they had gone up by 900 grams this morning. And something strange has been happening the last few days which may or may not be related. This week im working 8-4 so i have breakfast in my first break which is at 10am then lunch is at noon. I have been having my 3 weetbix at 10am no drama....but come noon im feeling nauseas....yesterday i was so nauseaus i didnt eat which meant i ended up eating most on my calories late afternoon/evening which may have led partly to the 900 grams gain....then today the nauseas came i made sure i ate and had soemthing i like (ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich) by the time i got back on the phones after lunch i felt worse....the nauseas was worse...come 3pm ish i start feeling fine again. I've never had this before so its all very weird. Of course i then said to the boys....being the goof i am...i think im pregnant LOL....then i was like i think k-rudds stimulation on monday got me pregnant...and then of course all the jokes about the thought of me being pregnant got very funny...(prolly didnt help when i kept saying lady with baby coming thru! LOL) anyway they told me i have no maternal instincts ! And of course i kept saying me having k-rudds baby will push mel gibsons drama off the gossip pages ! LOL was all very funny...but damn the nauseaus.

Okies off to have a warm shower and then watch Law N Order...have a good nite all


Jody said...

Your post today made me laugh so hard. You are a very entertaining writer. You have such a talent. I can literally "see" you pushing yourself through and saying, "Lady with the baby coming thru"

For 9 years you have always made me laugh, because you are funny as it is, but your blog is so good. (Something I look forward to in the morning as I eat bfast)

So, Karyn, not only is your blog educational, "inspirational"(haha) you also add that humourous touch and reminds the rest of us it's "OK" to laugh and have fun as we all struggle in our own journey to a better and healthier way of life.

So, yes, I hate to admit it, but you have become a role model for me. I am sure by now my sister, daughter and friends get tired of hearing me say "My friend from Australia sayssssssssss.....or my friend from Australia doessssss...." I'm figuring if you can do it, so can I. (Or at least give it a good try)

Anyway, off I go and YOU have a good sleep.

Tania said...

Oh you're a nut!

Has anyone ever told you that you think too much?

Ok, so we've all worked with those nasty bitches that just bring you down right - they're all so negative and you can't help but being affected by them? So why would it be any different when you see someone with a positive attitude - more importantly a positive attitude at achieving something you want to achieve?

We are all in charge of our own destiny, but I think Fiona is right - you have been a role model to many people, me included but that shouldn't impact on your journey in anyway - if anything hold your head up high and be proud that you're making a difference to someone else - i'm sure there are people you've met along the way (ummm, maybe Jillian for example ... lol) that has been a "role model" to you ;-)