Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well thats it ... the holidays are over ! done and dusted...how sad :( but i must say im in a happy happy mood tonite. Things just seem to be falling into place for me...that pic i uploaded the other day has done a world of good for me...i certainly have days where i would wonder if i can really do this...and wonder if i can really get a toned body...whilst i am still very large...to me that pic showed lil bits of a good body coming thru. Late last week I was really starting to doubt myself over the "jump incident". When i started with fiona i was never gonna say no or i cant...and thats what i pretty much did by saying my foot was sore. When i told her initially she laughed then asked me why i thought i couldnt do it...did i think she was going to get me to jump over a sustained length of time or was it cos i didnt think i could get off the ground. I said the second reason. And that was all that was said...altho a few minutes later she asked me something and then said are u fibbing? lol but we were both laughing so its all cool, but i am wondering if she is going to get me to try and jump on thursday nite during boxing. The group fitness room is not used at this thursdays session and she likes going in there when its free so i suspect as no one else will be around she may try and get me to try and do it there. Went into the gym today...did just over 30 minutes...was sweating so i know i had a good workout.

I am really enjoying doing calories...i was watching biggest loser (us version) earlier...and bob was saying how...no fat milk only has 80 calories...lots of protein, carbs, and i think it was 6 grams of fibre...he was saying how its a perfect snack for after a workout...i never drink a glass of milk currently cos its 1.5-2 points depending which brand i have, but 123 calories which is how much the pura light one is...and knowing all the other nutritional components it has...its going to be something i am going to have more often. Whilst i think ww is a good basis for me...if two foods are 2 points each...one is full of different nutrients and one really isnt the fact im counting calories and checking the fibre content and protein level etc i would prefer to have the knowledge to check the right one. I know when i initially started ww in december i was eating hardly any processed foods....i want a fit body...i wanna eventually have definition...i want to have arms to die for and i need to feed my muscles correctly if i want them to develop correctly. I really have lost that focus of the scales since i have started to notice me get definition (ok only very slightly lol) ive only lost about 3 kilos in the last 5 weeks...but the difference in my shape has me on such a high...and lets face it...when i get down to goal...having a tight defined body is gonna mean a hell of a lot more then being 75 kilos but no definition. Today my food breakdown was :

You have used 1554 out of your net daily budget of 2000 calories and have 446 calories remaining. 32% of the calories are from fat, 25% from protein, 43% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

Now im suppose to be having no more then 1770 calories...and my food should be made up of 30% fat, 30% protein, and 40% carbs....i think i got pretty close. The scales this week have moved more since saturday then they have for a few weeks so im very hopeful this limited processed foods with counting calories will really work...i was so scared about it...but the calorie king site is awesome...must admit today i had a red mars bar...last time i looked it wasnt listed on the ww tracker...chucked mars bar into calorie king and it came up wooo hooo was very happywith that.

Tomorrow nite i am skipping the gym since its my first day back at work and then thursday i have a PT session of boxing (kinda worried about that LOL never know i may end up jumping lol) wish me luck i have a non stressful with limited rude customers at work tomorrow...enjoy all !

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Hippygal said...

Wow that time went so fast - have a great day back at work :-)